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A dynamic 11-episode Bible teaching series unfolding key biblical narratives that reveal a God who passionately loves humanity, and will pay the ultimate price for our rescue.

What is Tetelestai?

Through cinematic short films and dynamic teaching in exotic locations, viewers will study foundational biblical truths necessary for a clear understanding of the Gospel.

  • Discover the Bible through dynamic cinematic teaching
  • Engage the heart & mind through solid biblical teaching enhanced by high definition visuals and cinematic score
  • Trace the redemption promise of the Deliverer from creation to Christ
  • Prepare hearts to understand and internalize the Gospel

//     Each 30-minute episode explores foundational truths, preparing the heart for the Gospel which leads to a transformed life.

Engage small groups through resources and discussion guides to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus. Equip believers to lead group studies in a format that is easy to use and powerful in it’s presentation.

Reach your community by presenting the Gospel in a way that allows the power of Scripture to impact their hearts. Invite your community to watch the Tetelestai Project with the help of outreach print & media resources.

Use in your own personal study to deepen your understanding of the Bible and God’s plan in this world. Tetelestai will be available on iTunes and Amazon Play. Apps for iOS and Android phones & tablets are planned for development.

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    Eternal Story
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    Biblical Narratives
Episode Synopses

Episode 2 – The Promise

The Promise centers your attention to a promise given at the darkest moment in history. Adam and Eve had chosen to reject God, and sin and death had just entered the world, yet God had not rejected them. God gives Adam and Eve a promise which would be fulfilled 4000 years later.
Tetelestai - Episode 2 - The Promise

Episode 3 – Provision

Provision traces the promise through the biblical accounts of Noah, the Great Flood, and Abraham (who became Abram), and Isaac. The concepts of justice, grace, faith and substitution begin to become clear.
Tetelestai - Episode 3 - Provision

Episode 4 – Deliverance

Deliverance follows Moses' story as he chooses to follow the unchanging, all-powerful God, who manifests His power over demons and other gods. Viewers learn that Salvation is not through works or knowledge, but that deliverance comes through a innocent blood substitute dying in the place of the guilty as a foreshadow of the future Deliverer.
Tetelestai Episode 4 - Deliverance

Episode 5 – The Law

The Law picks up the story at the exodus from Egypt and into the desert, where the Children of Israel receive the 10 Commandments. A strong understanding of man’s complete inability to fultill the 10 Commandments or God’s Law will begin to be unfold. Man cannot reach God.
Tetelestai - Episode 5 - The Law

Episode 6 – Atonement

Atonement studies “the turning aside of God’s punishment”. Through studying the tabernacle and the bronze serpent we see how the lamb was man’s inocent substitute which shed it’s bood in man’s place to turn aside God’s wrath, and the concepts of belief, faith and our inability to earn salvation by good works are clearly understood.
Tetelestai - Episode 6 - Atonement

Episode 7 – Lamb of God

Lamb of God introduces the one who was to fulfill the Old Testament promises. The narratives of the birth of Jesus, John the Baptist, and the temptation of Jesus are studied as viewers begin to see how God’s plan is unfolding.
Tetelestai - Episode 7 - Lamb of God

Episode 8 – Messiah

Messiah begins looking at key Gospel texts looking at Jesus’ miracles, claims and character and how He fulfills all the requirements of the awaited Messiah.
Tetelestai - Episode 8 - Messiah

Episode 9 – Salvation

Salvation studies the concept of repentance and belief as Old Testament stories are compared to Jesus' teaching. Through the story of Nicodemus it is clear that there is only one way to be saved, through simple belief. Also through the study of Lazarus and the Rich Man, the biblical teaching on heaven & hell will be well understood.
Tetelestai Episode 9 - Salvation

Episode 10 – Paid in Full

Paid in Full traces the biblical narrative of the Passion of Jesus Christ, linking Jesus Christ back to all the biblical prophecies, and symbols in the Old Testament. His death fulfilled the Law, and his resurrection defeated death.
Tetelestai Episode 10 - Paid in Full

Episode 11 – Eternal Life

Eternal Life studies the post-resurrection Jesus, and explains, from the Bible how Jesus truly is the way man can reconcile himself with God. A final review linking the key concepts of the bible together into one coherent redemptive story.
Tetelestai - Episode 11 - Eternal Life